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Performance and application of polyurethane and silica gel:

Application of polyurethane products:

1. Rubber roller, rubber wheel and rubber roller of sandblasting machine for aluminum packaging.

2. Slitting machine, rubber roller and rubber wheel.

3. Stainless steel polishing machine rubber wheel, film, copper tube plate pulling and pressing wheel, straightening wheel.

4. Food machinery, packaging machinery rubber roll, film machine rubber roll.

5. Carton machinery, rubber wheel, forklift wheel.

6. Pelletizer, crusher rubber roller, rubber wheel.

7. Ceramic mechanical distribution rubber roller, various mechanical conveying.

8. Door plate mechanical embossing buffer rubber plate, elastic strip, mining rubber plate.

The advantages of polyurethane products are good elasticity, wear resistance, punching resistance, pressure resistance, solvent resistance, tear resistance and aging resistance. The service life is 3-5 times that of black rubber.

Technical parameters of polyurethane rubber roller and rubber wheel:

Specification: customized according to the drawing

Color: any

Hardness (Shao a): 20-95

Abrasion: 7-175

Tear strength 45-104

Elongation at break: 430-490

Compression set: 8-17

silica gel:

Silica gel is soft, arc resistant, corona resistant, high voltage resistant and environmentally friendly. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless. Can be customized according to customer requirements. It is widely used in food, beauty and industry. Its main applications are as follows:

1. It is used as a binder for various refractory materials, with strong adhesion and high temperature resistance.

2. Used in coating industry, it can make the coating firm, and can resist pollution, dust, aging, fire and other functions.

3. It is used for thin shell precision casting, which can make the shell mold strong and the casting finish high. The molding quality of water glass is better than that of water glass. It can reduce the cost and improve the operation conditions.

4. Silica sol has high specific surface area and can be used in catalyst manufacturing and catalyst support.

5. It can be used in papermaking industry as anti adhesion agent for cellophane, pretreatment agent for photographic paper, antiskid agent for cement bag, etc.

6. It can be used as sizing agent in textile industry. It can treat the spinnability of wool and rabbit hair together with oil agent, reduce the broken ends, prevent flying flowers, improve the yield and increase the economic benefits.

7. Used as silicon steel sheet treatment agent, picture tube dispersant, floor wax antiskid, etc

Specializing in the production and processing of various polyurethane rubber silicone products

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