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Cots can be divided into: papermaking cots, printing cots, printing cots, hulling cots, metallurgy cots and oil printing cots, etc;

According to the surface shape, it can be divided into: flat roller and pattern rubber roller;

According to the material can be divided into: butyl rubber roller, nitrile rubber roller, polyurethane rubber roller and silicone rubber rubber roller.

Rubber roller is generally composed of outer rubber, hard rubber layer, metal core, roller neck and air vent. Its processing includes roller core sandblasting, bonding treatment, adhesive molding, cloth wrapping, wire winding, vulcanization of vulcanizing tank and surface processing. Cots are mainly used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, printing, grain processing, metallurgy, plastic processing, etc.

·Product Name: polyurethane rubber roller

·Material requirements: Polyurethane / PU

·Processing property: no degumming, smooth or rough surface, no burr

·Product size: 80-4000mm, made according to customer requirements

·Product hardness: 20 ° - 95 ° (made according to customer requirements)

·Product color: any

·Quantity available: 1-100

·Processing method: new / rubber coating / grinding / old roll renovation / repair / surface coarsening / surface slotting: prismatic groove, spiral groove, etc

Technical parameters of polyurethane rubber roller and rubber wheel:

Specification: customized according to the drawing. Color: any

Hardness (Shao a): 20-95. Abrasion: 7-175

Tear strength 45-104

Elongation at break: 430-490

Compression set: 8-17

The advantages of polyurethane products are good elasticity, wear resistance, punching resistance, pressure resistance, solvent resistance, tear resistance and aging resistance. The service life is 3-5 times that of black rubber.