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Shaper: quote for drawing size

Sandblasting machine: 70 * 60 * 1000

General dimensions of aluminum profile film applicator:

100 * 76 * 250 (driving wheel)

100 * 76 * 250 (driven wheel)

80 * 54 * 250 (pressure wheel)

80 * 60 * 250 (pressing wheel)

80 * 54 * 150 (stop wheel)

Four side film applicator: 190 * 160 * 200

Aluminum profile laminating machine

1、 Equipment purpose:

This machine is suitable for the coating and packaging of aluminum profile, stainless steel profile, plastic steel profile and other surfaces. It has the characteristics of fast speed, simple and safe operation of the whole machine. After the coating and packaging of this machine, the surface of the profile has been coated flat and has been decorated with beautiful decoration and better protection.

2、 Working principle:

After the equipment is powered on for normal trial use, the protective film is sheathed on the fixed plate, the aluminum profile is pressed by the roller stopper, the packaging material is manually pulled to fit the profile surface, the pressing wheel and the material stopper wheel are adjusted to fit the profile tightly, the speed is adjusted, the conveying motor is started, the aluminum surface is pasted with a layer of packaging material, and then the continuous production is accelerated. The name and trademark of the printing company on the protective film and the profile surface are protected, while winning the market favor, promotion and brand effect.

3、 Equipment features:

1. It adopts high efficiency frequency converter matched with digital display speed regulation, with low noise and stable and reliable operation.

2. Flexible adjusting hand wheel can adjust membrane distance quickly and effectively, and position accurately.

3. The convenient quick change and quick clip device can change the protective film in a very short time. Different end profiles can greatly improve the production efficiency.

4. Film range: 360 ° comprehensive care for any film.

5. The power roller, stop wheel and pressure wheel are cast with imported polyurethane.